Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Skiers

I've been trying so hard to get this ski adventure documented because it was the first time for Jaxon on skis. He was 5 months younger than the first time we put Kaleb on skis so we weren't sure what to expect. I am happy to say that he pretty much rocked it! I am also happy to say that I think we have a natural athlete on our hands - he displayed amazing balance for just 2 1/2 years old. (mom has to brag a little bit here) There's nothing better than looking back at my blog after a year and recalling the memories and seeing how much the kids have changed. If others also enjoy reading about our little life and grand adventures, that makes me happy too.

If you have small children and are planning to take/teach them to ski here are a few do's and don'ts: (through trial and error of course)

#1. DO NOT OVER DRESS. You will be carrying and picking up your children at least 50% of the time, which is good because you burn a lot of calories, but you might just have a heat stroke if you are layered. I have learned this the hard way. You think you've got to bundle up because it's winter, but as soon as you start the "work" you are shedding layers left and right.

#2. In relation to #1 - carry at least $2 in quarters in your ski coat just in case you have to rent a locker for all the layers you shed. You'll need a secure place to ditch them and running around in ski boots to find a place to cash in a dollar is not fun.

#3. Make sure your kids pee (thank goodness I have boys) BEFORE you get their snowsuits on. I usually (shouldn't admit this) let them pee in the parking lot. Hey, they love making yellow snow and it's so much easier than hauling them up to the bathroom.

#4. Keep little snacks on hand. There's a lot of energy being exerted, so having a few snacks in your coat is a very, very good thing. Mom and dad can dip into the stash too.

#5. Drink a Red Bull, or some other equivalent high caffeine drink before you begin. DO NOT let your kids have any.

#6. Don't forget extra socks. Sometimes the boots are still a little big for tiny little feet, so having extra socks is a must.

#7. Let go of your expectations. If your child resists putting on skis, let them play in the snow and have a fun time anyway. (Yes, even though you paid $42 for a ski ticket)

#8. Start with a half day. It might be tempting to try for a full day since you've driven the x amount of miles and just want to make the most of it - but small children are not going to last more than 4 hours - unless you have very, very high energy children.

#9. Take a break. It's always fun to go in and have hot cocoa and licorice ropes. Sugar them up, then let them ski it off!

#10. Helmets are a good thing. We let Kaleb take his off at the end of the day because he was hot....and wouldn't you know it, the ONLY crash happened while he wasn't wearing it and he got a big "cartoon bump" on the back of his head.

#11. DOCUMENT. Take your camera even though you have your hands full, you won't be sorry you took a few pictures and short video. It's so fun to look back, and if you're like me, will want to document it in their scrapbook.

#12. Visit the potty (or pee in a snowbank) before getting back in the car. They'll be asleep in under 2 minutes and they will sleep HARD. If you don't want to have to strip the carseat down and wash it, don't forget this important step.

#13. Work together. It's a lot of work to pull off a ski day with small children but in the end, you'll be glad you did. Eric and I have our game plan worked out ahead of time so we know what we're going to do.

Good luck and Happy Skiing!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Feva

Today I'm feeling a little feverish. It feels like spring this March, 4, 2012. With the thermometer sitting at a wonderful 54 degrees, I think we're all probably feeling a little feverish....and itching to be outside. Wait, what am I blogging for?
I can say this day has truly been amazing (thus far).
I made unbelievably healthy (and tasty) pancakes, and then looked outside at the sunshine. I declared it a day to put the running shoes on and hit the pavement, errr um, dirt, and take a nice run up a country road. It was absolutely freeing! I had no children weighing me down, no worries in my mind....just Miranda Lambert singing in one ear, because only one headphone works, as I ran, and ran, and ran and then got tired and walked. The entire time I was breathing in the beauty of the mountains, snow sitting majestically on top. I didn't see one person, one car, not even one living animal. It was just me in my perfect little world - sun beating down, slight breeze in my was so peaceful!
Once finished I slipped on my swimming suit and dipped into my parent's hot tub for about 45 minutes (see, there's perks living next door to your parents). :) Then home to make lunch for the little people. With it being so beautiful outside Eric and I decided the kids could have a picnic so we opened up the camper and let them eat inside. They had so much fun.
I whipped up a secret weapon smoothie for lunch, clinked my glass with Eric's to better overall health (physical, spiritual, financial) and we sat drinking our lunch while the kids ate outside. (did I mention big cousin Maddy was out with them) I didn't want you thinking I was a terribly un-supervising parent.
The rest of my perfect day calls for scrap-booking for a little while and making a new soup recipe I found on a great blog. It's - - in the event you're inspired to check it out. It's also where I found the secret weapon smoothie recipe and I think you'll like it too.
Happy Sunday to you all!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Photo Session

I took the boys out the door for a fun fall photo session. The weekend before my niece Maddy was here and I snapped a few of her too. Here are a few of my favorites.

A little getaway

The end to our crazy summer brought a fun little mini-vacation to Coure D' Alene and surrounding area. We played in the water A LOT since the temps were in the 100's. Coure D' Alene Lake had Kaleb convinced that it was an ocean. They loved the sand and water and sun and fun. We went to Silverwood Theme Park and played at the splash park all afternoon and then finished it off with a few kiddie rides. It was wonderful to get away for some fun - especially after having gone through a marathon summer of transition. We let the boys pick out a toy at Toys R Us and they were so impressed and overwhelmed with the experience. They got it narrowed down finally after a lot of time in there and both ended up picking a remote controlled excavator.

2nd Year Celebration

Our little boy turned 2 on August 26th. We celebrated with a cake, which he ate none of, and then went on a 4 day mini-vacation to Coure D' Alene playing in the lake, taking in Silverwood and the Splash Park, eating out and just enjoying the 100 degree weather at the end of a crazy-busy summer.

Our New "Back Yard"

An early September trip up Branham Lakes to do a little fishing and playing in the lake....absolutely stunning!